download c-music audio to vidio converter

hello we introduced c-music a new free audio to vidio converter this software is free this software convert audio files to vidio files how to use this software? after install c-music.exe you see it on desktop just run it and injoy choosse your new vidio format like, mp4, flv, wmv choosse your audio file, supported format, mp3, wav, m4a choosse your Favorite Image choosse ware to save a new vidio click on start convert After clicking on the start convert You hear a voice message, Please Wait Your request is in process The convertion of audio files, takes by the length of the audio file, and size of the audio file, and your computer processor after convertion is finished, A message appears, like this vidio created successfully.   to [...]

download c-tools

hello, we introduced c-tools software this software is free what is c-tools? c-tools is all in one software, It contains some tools that help you c-tools hs 3menus ip-tools General Tools help tools. These are some of the tools in the software IP tools menu, This menu contains tools to control the IP, such as, Find out your current IP address, Know the local IPS. Change your local IPO. Find out about any IP address you want the other is General Tools this menu contains General Tools, get day from date, This tool allows you to get the day from the date for example, if you Enter the date:, 21/08/2021, its saturday, the other tool is, strong Password Generator This tool allows you to create complex passwords, to be used in sites. the [...]

download c-direct link-Generator

hello we produced c-direct link-Generator software software name: c-direct link-Generator if you want to download from dropbox or google drive, this software Generate a direct link to download with out open the download link. how to use it? all you have to do run c-direct link-Generator.exe after you run c-direct link-Generator.exe Paste the shred dropbox or google drive link click on get-direct-link button and the software Generate direct link to you press tab, you see copy, you can copy the link. press tab, you see open link, you can open the link directly in your Browzer press on exit to exit from software.. to download the software, go to this link download c-direct link-Generator

download c-Battery To maintain the life of the laptop battery

hello we produced new software to To maintain the life of the laptop battery software name: c-Battery this software is use To maintain the life of the laptop battery to download the software from this link download c-Battery how its work?? after you download the zip file run the c-Battery.exe and injoy the software is send alert when the Battery is fully charged when the Battery is reached 100% you hear a beeb, and you see a notification to unplog your computer from charger when the Battery is reached less then 20% you hear a beeb, and you see a notification to plog your computer on the charger to use the software run c-Battery.exe and ready to go if you want to run this software on windows startup run run on startup.exe file [...]

teamtalk hosting

hello in this totorial i will show you how to get your teamtalk server in minutes, no installation needed what is teamtalk? TeamTalk is a conferencing system which people use to communicate on the Internet using VoIP and video streaming. The TeamTalk conferencing system consists of a server and client application. Users are required to set up their own TeamTalk server before they can use the system. The TeamTalk server is available to test the teamtalk and join public servers you can download teamtalk for pc and mac and android and ios to download go to this link and choos what you need for windows download teamtalk for windows   download portable version for windows download portable teamtalk for windows   for mac [...]

unmask private caller id

hello and welcom in this tutorial i will show you step by step, how to unmask who is calling you from private number cool4tech provide you a good service to unmask any one calling from private number. how its work? when some one calling you from private number hangup the call, after seconds you Receive a call back from the real number off who is called you private.   How to subscribe to service first you need to buy the service its cost about 20 $ 15$ evry month and 5$ setup fee to buy the service visit the service page unmask private caller ID service   after you visit the service page choose unmask private caller ID and go to Continue   button A new page appears short description of service and [...]

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